The name of this organization shall be Middle Georgia Miata Club (Mid-GA Miata Club.) (MGAMC)




As a non-profit social group, the purpose of this organization shall be to provide social, recreational, instructional and technical activities, to promote a responsible image for all Miata drivers, to promote good will for the mutual benefit of all members and to promote the enjoyment of Miata ownership.




Section A:  General membership meetings shall be held monthly, on the first Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise determined by majority of a quorum vote of the general membership.

Section B:  A quorum shall consist of the members present on any scheduled executive board or general membership meeting.




Section A:  Membership consists of a family, couple or individual who owns a Miata and pays dues. Membership entitles one (1) vote per $20 paid membership in general membership decisions.  If a family/couple owns more than one Miata and have paid $20 membership dues per car, then they are entitled to the number of votes per paid membership, i.e. $20 paid – entitles one vote, $40 paid – entitles two votes and so forth.  This must be established at the time of paying membership dues.  If a doubt ever arises about membership, the membership list shall be consulted as that shows the intent of the member when they joined or renewed their membership in the club.  

Section B:  Membership in the Miata Owners Club is not required for Mid-GA Miata Club membership.




Section A:  An invitation to participate in club activities.

Section B:  The right to attend executive board meetings as a non-voting observer.

Section C:  Inclusion in all mails of general membership publications.

Section D:  Members and their guests shall act in accordance with the stated purpose of the organization.  Failure to do so may result in expulsion of membership.

Section E:  There should be no soliciting for money, such as asking for donations or selling products, etc., during club meetings or events.

Section F:  Expulsion of membership shall be decided by a majority of a quorum vote of the general membership, only after affording the member an opportunity of being heard in his/her own defense.




Section A:  Elected officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and they shall collectively represent the general membership in all official matters.  The position of Web Master shall be appointed by the elected officers.

Section B:  No member shall hold more than one elected office during any term.

Section C:  Only one individual of a membership shall hold an elected office during any term.

Section D:  The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and the web master.

Section E:  The Executive Board shall make recommendations to the general membership on organization matters.




Section A:  President:  Preside at all general membership and executive board meetings; enforce the by-laws; sign contracts in the organization’s name; be responsible for carrying out the decisions of the general membership; appoint committees as deemed necessary for the proper operation of the organization.

Section B:  Vice President:  Assist the president in coordinating elected and appointed officers’ duties; preside at all general membership and executive board meetings in the absence of the president.

Section C:  Secretary:  Record the minutes of all general membership and executive board meetings, maintaining a file of all minutes and records during his/her term; maintain a current membership list; may receive membership applications and dues from new members and maintain all official correspondence of the organization.

Section D:  Treasurer:  Sign all checks; collect dues, moneys and other remunerations from all sources; be responsible for all receipts and disbursements; provide a financial report at each meeting; provide an annual financial report at the last meeting of his/her term.

Section E:  Web Master:  Shall maintain the organization’s web page as required to present an attractive face to the public for the organization.




Section A:  Only members paid up and in good standing for 6 months prior to election shall be eligible for election as officers and appointments as board members.

Section B:  Nominations of elected officers shall be solicited from the general membership at the November general membership meeting and elections shall be held at the December general membership meeting.  Members must be present to vote.  Election shall be determined by a majority of a quorum vote at this general membership meeting.

Section C:  Installation of elected officers and appointees by them shall occur at the January meeting.

Section D:  Elected and appointed officers shall hold office for one year.

Section E:  The executive board by a majority of a quorum vote shall appoint another member in good standing to assume the duties of a vacated office until the next general membership meeting.  At that time, nominations for the vacant office shall be accepted and a vote shall be taken to elect a person to fill the vacant office.  Election shall be determined by a majority of a quorum vote at this general membership meeting.




Section A:  Annual dues for membership shall be established and changed as necessary, by a majority of a quorum vote of the general membership, payable in full to the treasurer.  The officers may accept membership applications from new members as required.  All moneys collected by the officers shall be given to the treasurer by the next general membership meeting.

Section B:  Club dues shall be for one year beginning January 1 through December 31.  Dues will be collected during the month of January.  Any new members joining the club throughout the year will pay a pro-rated share which consists of $1.70 per month from the month they join until the following January when $20.00 will be collected for a full year membership.

Section C:  No individual should buy items or services and expect the club to reimburse them for their expenses without first bringing that idea to a member of the executive committee.  The executive committee will then bring this up for discussion and vote at the next general membership meeting or as soon thereafter as is feasibly possible.  No one person should take it upon him/herself to commit club funds without prior club approval.




Any sponsor we have on our web site should have an agreement between the club and the sponsor for reciprocity (a mutual exchange between the club and the sponsor for advertising on our web site.)  This agreement should be signed by the president of the Miata Club and the sponsor.




Section A:  Activities – social, recreational, instruction, and technical – shall be recommended by any member of the club.  Any activity brought before the general membership should be discussed by the membership and a vote taken to determine if the activity will be conducted by the organization.

Section B:  Activities shall be limited to the general membership and their accompanying guests and invited speakers or presenters.




These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the general membership at any regular meeting or by mail ballot provided such amendment shall be read to the membership one meeting prior to the vote.




By-laws approved at the general membership meeting February 2, 2011 and to become effective on February 2, 2011.